Monday, March 31, 2008

Divas Charity Event March 31-April 6

Divapreneur and House of are teaming up for a gala charity event, that will last all week! The e-party event will be held in the comfort of your own home-Gala gown optional. House of Raquel is new name.

All Divapreneur members will receive a special code, but our blog readers can participate and receive 5% off their purchase by entering code "divaguest" when checking out. At the end of the event, will donate 10% of all the total sales to The Hunger

Divapreneur will be contributing along with House of final donation! Help us fight hunger but most importantly, let`s give your jewelry box, cute jewelry!

House of

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shop for a Cure

Divapreneur is sponsoring the Shop for a Cure event. Barbara Curran is working with The V Foundation for Cancer Research, organizing the event. The event will take place Saturday, June 21, 11-4 at KB Home Wynbrooke Subdivision, Raleigh, North Carolina.

The event will have items contributed by different vendors not just from Divapreneur, but from all over the web. We invite you to join in the cause and help us find a cure for Cancer the way any super diva would do it, shopping!
For more information please visit
Barbara Curran can be found at

Saturday, March 15, 2008

We are now on Itunes!

We are now being heard all over the world! Every one of our audio interviews are broad casted on itunes for all to world hear.

You do not have to own an ipod! You can either download itunes free or click on the link and listen to it right on the browser.

Congrats ladies! We are headed for the big time!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

DP Offline??

No, just revamping. The off line status was a fluke, it just wasn`t supposed to happen. We are changing our format a bit!
Thanks again!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ruta Fox Chats with Elaine

Ruta Fox is the president of, a multi million dollar company that sells the AH! ring. The AH! ring is a luscious white gold ring adorned with sparkling diamonds. This jeweled delicacy has been featured in featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, on the O List, as well as the website, plus Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, In Style, Entrepreneur, and on TV on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, and hundreds of newspapers... propelling her business to unimaginable heights.

I don`t have to tell you that yours truly was totally tongue tied and my favorite boo boo is saying sexway instead of segway! Ruta is so down to earth! She is so willing to give everyone advice. It really felt like I was talking to a girlfriend!

The interview is available to anyone for download, by clicking here. It will play in your Windows Media Player or Itunes. After clicking on it, depending on your browser, you can save it to your computer and play it whenever you want! Or it will play right on the browser. Anyone wishing to advertise on any future broadcast, please contact me for rates.

You can visit her at She is giving Divapreneur members a $10.00 off if you mention DIVAPRENEUR when you order.

The Divas Become Sisters

I know that there are times when you don`t want critique but a soft landing. I want to share with you some of the sweet things the divas say to another diva who needed support: (names have been removed)

AAAA I will be the first to admit that I have no idea what I am doing here, but every time someone comments on my page it makes me feel good that someone took the time to check it out. I love that support. Don't leave, give it some time... checking out your site now!

BBBBB I know it can be a little frustrating, and you may feel like nobody is reading or commenting on your posts or your thoughts, but this really is a good forum. You can learn so much and this is such a great resource for learning and growing your business. Don't give up just yet. It takes time.


CCCCC What are you saying? You belong when you CHOOSE to belong!! This whole "online networking" thing can be tricky... I mean, it is a learning curve... but we are DIVAS =) and working from home can be so isolating! Don't leave just yet. Respond to posts... Leave messages... Also, we are creating a "yellow pages" for Divas which will allow you to reach out to people who will be great "sister divas in business" for you. I would just hate to see anyone leave this very unusual and very active community. I agree with BBBBB... don't give up yet!! This place is a gem, and you absolutely belong. NOW, how can we make you FEEL like you belong?

DDDDD I am a newbie here and I must admit I don't chatter much or find the time to visit many gals around here. I guess I am just not that good at networking on social sites and perhaps you feel the same? I have seen a lot of positive stuff around here for those that use it and I hope to be more active someday.

I believe that women who run their own business (and especially mothers) need support because it's a tough job. Whatever your reasons, if you choose to hang in there, we can lurk around the community together and maybe we'll find a place to fit in :)
EEEEEE This community has a lot to offer, it's growing everyday and the possibilities are endless.

FFFFFF Take care of your personal matters-be a mother, if you will no longer be married, transform yourself from wife to single parent, so you can come back and be a entrepreneur. If you start a business now, your business will suffer and you will not make money.

No one will know what you are worth unless you tell them what you are worth. Only God knows it. He also tells us to "love yourself as you would love your neighbor". Love yourself, be kind to you. You do belong and you are wanted here. You are obviously doing something right, persevere and you will see how happy it is on the other side.

I have 5 kids and 10 years ago I was very much homeless with my children and VERY poor. I never let go of my dreams. I did however, take some time to take care of my personal life-My ex husband had leave the picture.

Today, I am not on welfare, my children are clothed and cared for and I found a wonderful man. I have a job that has a crazy boss-me!- but I am paid well and take whatever day I want off. If I can do it so can you.

I am extremely honored to belong to a network in which you can feel comfortable enough to not just share ideas but your feelings and be supported. 370 and growing!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Divapreneur Actress Ashley Peldon Debuts Starring...!

Divapreneur Ashley Peldon is one of our newest members. This accomplished actress continued her busy career starring in the popular television shows “The Mommies”, “The Pretender”, and “That 70’s Show”.

She also kept her spare time full working on multiple films, like the cult classic “Drop Dead Fred”, alongside Winona Ryder in “The Crucible”, and with Scarlet Johansson in the Oscar nominated “Ghost World”.

Now she starts a career as a perfume designer! Elaine Biss chats with Ashley about her new line, her career and her plans. Her brand new line Starring...! is as brilliant as she is!

Elaine B.-I am so excited to be doing this interview with you! I think you are the prime example of a Diva who learned to redefine herself in order to grow as an entrepreneur. You and your sister are both successful, busy and brilliant actresses! Now you are trying on a "new hat", so to speak! How are you liking your new fragrance designer hat?

Ashley P.-I'm totally loving it! It's an integrated, yet different life path for me to be on right now. While it definitely incorporates the old style glamour of Hollywood, being a nationally sold perfumer is an exciting new chapter in my career. After my sister and I graduated from Skidmore College with psychology degrees, we realized that between film and television projects, we wanted to fill the extra time we now had. That is how Starring...! was first conceptualized. Recently, I have been directing stage productions and I have been working on a series for MTV called 'Connected' and my sister just did a feature film called "InAlienable" so that exposure has been great for our company as well.

Elaine B.-How do you and Courtney coordinate responsibilities?

Ashley P.-I'm the 'chemist' of the two of us. I find, research, and physically concoct each scent from scratch. Courtney is a very internally creative person so she does all of the literary dialogue, like the stories on the backs of the perfume bottles.

Elaine B.-What do you feel has been the biggest challenge in starting your business?

Ashley P.-I made a decision early on to stay true to my vision against all obstacles. There are certain styles and rules to conventional perfumes with regards to fragrance and perfume chemical bases. I chose to change all that, shake things up a bit, and to create scents I love instead of what's considered the 'norm'. My perfumes range from sweet gourmands, bright berries, sultry musks, and a few just downright decedent blends that smell so edible, we had to put a warning on our soy wax melts to remind people not to eat them!

Elaine B.-Starring...! is a great line! From fragrances to hair care items, your items are like a dessert cart for the senses. What inspired the sweet smelling scents?

Ashley P.-I've never been a fan of the overwhelmingly artificial and heady floral scents that immerse your senses upon entering a department store. I'm much more fascinated by niche perfumery which lets me carve out my scents in less obvious blends. I adore sweet gourmand scents myself. Vanilla and light, sweeter based scents have a natural appeal since they stimulate us and remind us of comforting times in our lives. It is also said that men have a much higher ability to smell vanilla than other scents so men tend to be attracted to the gourmand scents - always a good thing!

Elaine B.-I visited your site and it has this wonderful flair, like classic Hollywood. You have given a great deal of thought, not just to the names of the fragrances, but their formulation. Using organic oils and their choice to add alcohol to the perfume or not. Tell us more about that.

Ashley P.-I wanted to leave it up to the consumer, while always leaving the option for a more 'green' base if they so choose. We'll be launching an organic grape base alcohol as well on our new website very soon too. I truly believe that people are becoming more and more aware daily of what chemicals and artificial processes are doing to our bodies at younger ages so this is yet another way to enjoy indulging yourself without compromising your health.

Elaine B.-Starring...! is very socially conscious! You do not test on animals, only on celebrities. What other causes does Starring...! contribute to?

Ashley P.-We have supported 'Reel Dreams For Youths' which helps underfunded schools pay for after school arts programs for students. Courtney and I are also actively involved in a number of animal rights charities including The Amanda Foundation, Actors and Others for Animals, Best Friends Animal Society, and In Defense of Animals. We also purchase many of our ingredients from local farms and distributors that give back and are certified organic.

Elaine B.-You have a lot of celebrities falling in love with your new line. From Alicia Silverstone to Paris Hilton, they love Starring...! Do you have any events coming up?

Ashley P.-Yes and we're so excited! We will be sponsoring the "Green Girls" event which is being put together by Brad Pitt's charity Make it Right in which the proceeds go toward helping rebuild New Orleans. My sister's jewelry line, "Charmed Jewelry," will adorn the models in the couture fashion show and we will be auctioning off various Starring...! products to help the cause. We also will be having a big 'Earth Day' party at Whole Foods where we will launch our mens collection.

Elaine B.-How do you feel connecting yourself to a network, like Divapreneur, could impact the growth of your business?

Ashley P.-I'm always amazed by all of the talented woman out there running their own businesses and to be able to connect with these inspirational and strong woman is such an incredible feeling. I'm excited about being able to exchange news, tips, and tricks with each other!

Elaine B.-Lastly, what sage advice can you give any Divapreneur starting her own business?

Ashley P.-Be confident and know what you love to do even through all the initial struggles of starting your own business. If at the end of the day you truly love what you are doing, then you will always be inspired and always have your passion to push ahead! Also, more tangibly, be sure to have a laptop or phone with mobile email! It really helps when I'm working on sets and need to check orders and reply to customers!

Elaine B.-Ashley, I want to thank you so much for taking time to do this interview with me. I am very happy and honored to have you as a Divapreneur member! I wish you the best!

Ashley P.-Thank you Elaine!

You can find Ashley and Courtney`s Starring...! at To know more about their upcoming projects, visit their fan site visit

Elaine Biss is a designer and author of the blog Girly Up the Web. She is also the executive administrator for Divapreneur and her site is elaine