Friday, January 11, 2008

Welcome to Divapreneur!

Hello and thank you for joining! If you haven`t yet, read on.
Our wish is to make Divapreneur a place where we can promote businesses, share resources and network by recommending and helping each other. Our casual Friday atmosphere makes it a relaxed place to come and do business.

This community is joined by invitation only.

The network was created because so many groups excluded you or you only belonging a little bit. Your sense of who you are gets obscured because you don`t fit in. I just wanted a place where we could all belong-Be a girl with a business or starting one. To be a human being with something to offer, truly fulfills a purpose.

The network has attracted a wide range of women. From young women to retirees, all races, religions and trades. No one is excluded as long we all work towards the same purpose. Among our roster we have actresses, designers, entrepreneurs mentioned on Oprah`s Favorite list, mothers building corporations, authors, retirees finding their calling and women just starting out.

We hope that you will consider joining and see what you can accomplish by being part of a positive community, which sole purpose is to help each other be successful.




Keep up the great work! Love the site.

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