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Women helping Women Grow Corporations From Home

Lancaster, PA (PR WEB) January 21, 2008 – “Gifts lie in hidden places, and life is a scavenger hunt,” says Elaine Biss, the creator of ‘Divapreneur.’ “Regardless of whether you are a single woman, mother, widow, Latina , black or white, the only requirement here is that you have a business and be a girl.”

Since its 2007 holiday launch (December 23) as the Internet’s savvy, social networking site for women, Divapreneur has attracted a diverse range of businesses. Boutique owners, graphic artists, image consultants, freelance writers, and jewelry designers are among the leading members of this online haven for business women.

With 50 members on its second day, and 250 members during its fourth week; Biss’ drive to bring women together as a large, support group continues to create a growing community on a daily basis.

Yet although the fame and fun of Divapreneur seemed to happen overnight; Biss did not accomplish this fortune alone. As a Web site designer and graphic artist, she is proud to acknowledge that community members are far from intimidating business women. According to Biss, a successful at-home business owner herself, “Every day is casual Friday.” So when Paulette Kinney and Kimberly Flynn transitioned from being her customers to her business partners, it was only natural that a friendship formed and Divapreneur was born.

A former interior designer, Kinney owns her own graphic design studio and has developed her own innovative printing style a year ago. “She is truly a visionary,” Biss says. “And coupled with her business acumen makes her a great resource for me. I place a lot of confidence in her when making decisions.”

Flynn, who Biss describes as a “business genius,” is also a valuable role in the success of Divapreneur. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she decided to leave Corporate America in 2006 and take her creativity to a comfortable and convenient environment – her home. This has allowed Flynn to focus on her health, two successful online businesses, and the growth of Divapreneur with greater ease.

Committed to connecting to business owners everywhere, Biss, Kinney, and Flynn continue to pursue the concept of building a “public sharing” community for women creating businesses out of what they love. Their passion for building a positive and enriching online experience has not only provided them with a place to meet other business owners; it has influenced the so-far success of Divapreneur and its newest additions: DP Mag and Divapreneur Blog.

“There are women out there who crave guidance, but do not know how to go about getting it or where to ask,” Biss says, addressing the goal of DP Magazine, which is set to launch February 1, 2008. With the belief that the majority of magazines on the shelf are marketed to men, or for women marketed as if the women were men, she brings light to the growing phenomenon of women who are starting their own businesses right from home or leave the work force to follow their dreams.

“DP Mag will dispense advice from professionals who have made it and are eager to help others,” Biss says. With a full-fledged staff of writers and editors, designers, and a marketing team, all who are active Divapreneur members, DP Mag’s debut February issue is called “The Sweetheart Guide.”

Technology, business, culture, culinary, life, and events are staple categories in DP Mag, with each article written by an expert or budding professional who specializes in each area. Women everywhere can get a copy of “The Sweetheart Guide” by downloading it online for a small fee via email.

Although Divapreneur is “by invitation only,” the Divapreneur Blog is the window to becoming part of this network. It spotlights members, businesses, and shows off just what this community is about – women helping women grow corporations from home.

If you would like more information about Divapreneur, DP Magazine, Divapreneur Blog, and/or schedule an interview with Elaine Biss, please call (888) 441-DIVA (3482) or e-mail Elaine at inquiries @

Press release written Elana Pruitt, Editor of DP Mag and, columnist for Agenda Magazine. She is also the author of Good Girl Gone Shopping.

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