Friday, February 22, 2008

Fellow Diva Shows Some Love

Fellow Diva Kimberly Flynn shows us some love after having her own network featured at the NING blog. The Activity Pit is a fan site for Fox`s Red Eye show, an editorial show that gives you the news with a twist.

Thank you Kimberly! Divapreneur shows you love back!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Diva Awards

Yes!! The Divas are coming!!! You can nominate yourself or another diva. This is our Oscar night so get your award`s show best on and join us! Because I will have different categories there is different criteria.

We are looking for Nominees!! Winners will be announced on the April issue of DPmag. In exchange you can advertise for free here, myspace, top 100 and the magazine. They must be members of our community.

The following categories are,

DIVAmom-Obviously a mom |DIVAphilantropist-A business owner with a purpose | DIVApromoter-Top promoter|DIVAfashionista-Fashion Savvy at its best|DIVAmuse-Highly Creative DIva| DIVApreneur- She`s got it all, is she here?

Honorary Mentions-Divas with Honors

So far this is the criteria,

Divapreneur Scholarship
Not really a scholarship but an enabler to start a web business. There are many gifted women out there that for some reason or another cannot afford a web designer or advertising. Myself along with a few girlfriends will screen ladies, following this criteria,
  • have a disability impeding work, or a single mother, retiree or professional seeking to leave the workforce and start your own business OR any other deserving recipient
  • have a skill or trade or have access to retail merchandise
  • have met the income requirement
  • the recipient must be a woman
Deadline to nominate is March 10th 2008.
If you would like to nominate someone please contact us.

We will need to know what kind of contribution you wish to give-gift certificate or item.
Please remember that the gift is for a diva, so if you sell baby items, you may consider buying a gift certificate from a merchant, but you will still get credit for the contribution.
No other Divapreneur member is allowed to solicit donations and you are not to ship donations
to any of the admins or other members, until you are advised to do so. This will avoid any one abusing your generosity. Although I do not foresee this happening.
Once the winners have been announced, an email will be sent to the prize contributors, either from me, or one of my delegate officers. My delegate officer will be announced by me prior to the award night.
Please make sure I have a printable banner sent to me.

DP Mag is out!

We are so proud to announce that the mag is out! We have attracted many gifted writers like by Lisa Steadman a.k.a. The Relationship Journalist™,whose website caters to the
upside of a broken heart.
The mag is full of fashion tips, recipes and business friendly advice from women who have made it big!
Buy the Mag!